I am a Polypraxic Traditional Polytheist. I practice Cultus Deorum Romanorum, Anglo-Saxon Heathenry, Kemeticism, and Shinto. I have been practicing Traditional Polytheism for over a decade now, and have been a part of the Pagan community in some capacity since I was in high school. Though my practice centers on the animistic polytheistic traditions of the ancient world, I am also very familiar with other traditions from antiquity, such as Hellenistic mystery traditions and Early Christianity. I have also studied various world religions, both in their exoteric and esoteric varieties, contemporary and pre-modern Ceremonial Magick traditions, Witchcraft and folk magic traditions, and various other forms of esoteric or otherwise alternative spiritual paths.

I am a huge student of history and philosophy in general, but I have been especially entertained by alternative history, as well as Historical Fantasy and other more socially challenging forms of speculative fiction, including Cyberpunk and Retrofuturism. I am very passionate about music and especially experimental music, and have developed a complex palette in both the Electronic, Folk, and Heavy Metal spheres, among others. I find myself always amazed by the amazing kinds of art, music, and literature that are available to us in modern times. Aesthetically speaking I consider myself to be Dark Antiquarian, which for me is the place where my passion for Dark Alternative culture meets my passion for Neoclassical and Retrofuturist concepts. My taste in music, art, and literature exist not only at the intersection of the macabre and antiquarian, but are also deeply informed by my lifelong experiences with the Pagan community as a whole.