As a Traditional Polytheist, I specialize in revivals of the polytheistic religions of the ancient world, as well as contemporary applications of historical esoteric ritual practices.Though my spiritual practice is heavily rooted in devotional aspects, mysticism forms a very important part of my spiritual path. As an extension of devotional mysticism, divination and spiritual guidance has always formed the foundation of my esoteric pursuits, and I've had time to explore a wide variety of different techniques - refining my clairvoyant gifts and assisting friends and associates with spiritual pathworking through consultation. As a practicing spiritual oracle, I prefer to use clear crystal or water scrying, dice casting, and the pendulum as my main methods of divination.

Through clairvoyant scrying with the added knowledge I’ve obtained about historical spiritual symbolism from a variety of ancient cultures, I am able to read the layered symbolic landscape of people and their concerns, and interpret spiritual forces beyond the more salient features of everyday living, into the darker and more nuanced aspects of spiritual living. While scrying, in a deep state of trance, I meditate upon spiritual questions and receive psychic visions, sensations, and impressions, which I then interpret and condense into a full reading for my client. Each reading is completely unique and presents not only powerful symbolism, but often difficult lessons. The kind of oracular consultation I provide is not for the weak of heart and any potential client should be prepared for such a challenge.

I will be taking commissions for oracle consultation sessions on a first come first serve basis, and for the time being I would like to give myself at least a few days to complete them, in most situations. When I perform my sessions for clients, I condense the images and impressions I receive into a fully condensed text file, of my interpretation as a psychic reading, or engage them in a live online reading where appropriate. If you request a reading from me, I would prefer that your actual question be as thorough as possible, but what other kinds of information you decide to share with me is ultimately a personal decision. I am performing readings free of charge, and I prefer to pace myself and my clients. I reserve the right to choose which clients I feel comfortable reading for, and I prefer that my clients take time to reflect and apply what I tell them in readings before asking me to give them an additional consulation.

If you are interested in receiving a reading the best place to reach me is either on Discord as Eugenius#4496, or by traditional email.